November 22-23, 2019
Navel LA, 1611 S. Hope St., Los Angeles


But the most important sense in which the spectacle became the trauma of Japanese Americans consisted in the demand placed on internees to comply with this spectacularization so as to provide ‘proof’ of their loyalty to the United States—a command performance that actually prevented internees from fully processing the material violence enacted against them by the internment policyEmily Roxworthy, The Spectacle of Japanese American Trauma

Using the U.S. government-sanctioned Japanese internment camps during WWII as a dramaturgical framework, The Spectacular Society interweaves evocative movement, live sound, and unconventional spatialization to explore how ethnicity and identity can be negotiated and performed. This intimate 60-minute performance follows seven dancers through vignettes of calm and chaos as they explore themes of dislocation, witnessing, silence, patriotism, community, and spectacle. Drawing from both historical research and her grandmother’s personal accounts of “camp,” choreographer Marissa Osato employs visceral, intricate, and highly-charged contemporary dance movement to re/present an embodied archive of the past while provoking questions about present societal repetition.

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December 14-15, 2019

Save-the-Date for our 3rd annual Winter Intensive at Elements Dance Space in Pasadena.




EDGE Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles
Every Wednesday | 5:30 - 7:00 PM | $16

Entity Contemporary Dance offers weekly, open company class hosted by EDGE Performing Arts Center.

Taught by a different company member each week, class material fuses stylistic elements from multiple dance genres. The class format includes group warmup and conditioning, improvisation exercise, and structured phrase work.

By creating a communal space for movement research and exploration, Entity Contemporary Dance encourages students to develop their unique artistic voice.