Entity Contemporary Dance’s newest evening length work, TRANSPARENT/SEE, examines the misconnection between garment maker and consumer within the fast fashion industry. Responding to the simple question, “Who made this?,” choreographers Will Johnston and Marissa Osato seek to illuminate the hands behind the products we wear. Exploring themes of overconsumption, sacrifice, personalization, and community, TRANSPARENT/SEE questions what is lost and found in our commodity-driven culture.



PEEL (2016/17)

An exploration of cleansing, purification, and a collective obsession with shedding internal and external layers.



Braxon vs. Oregon (2014/15)

Annette Braxon is faced with the choice of whether or not to end the life of a loved one suffering from a terminal illness. Using the Death with Dignity Act as a dramaturgical backbone, Braxon vs. Oregon explores themes of sacrifice, judgment, and communal persuasion. The audience plays witness to Annette’s sentencing trial and is forced to confront questions of morality and justice.